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Hebrews 13:3

Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.

What is "A Day in Prison"?

New perspective

We have all seen intensity of TV prison dramas but what is it really like? "A Day in Prison" will change the way you view the daily life of the prisoner by throwing you into the psychological and emotional experience they live and breathe.

Unique Experience

Spend a night and day in a simulated prison. Experience what it is like to lose your autonomy, to share limited space with other inmates and be at odds with prison guards who aren't there to feel sorry for you.


Raise money to help prisoners find hope in hopeless circumstances. By spending a day in prison you help those serving real sentences have access to the gospel inspired work of Set Free Ministries.

Raising Money for Set Free Ministries

Set Free Ministries is rapidly growing and our student body needs help. Our courses are helping thousands of prisoners learn about Christ which is leading them to accept Him and make Him Lord of their lives.

With your financial help we can continue this work. We’re hoping that You will see the value in what God is doing in the prisons and jail through Set Free and that you would like to be involved. 

How does a Day in Prison work?

You Raise $500

$500 is the minimum raised to experience a Day in Prison. However for every additional $100 you raise you earn perks such as: extra canteen, better job (yes, prisoners have jobs), etc. 

What happens while I'm in "prison"?

You meet at church, change, ride bus to “prison” location, work detail, experience cell shake downs, chow hall and other experiences real prisoners have. Note: there is NO violence.

What can I bring?

A “Property List” will be emailed to each participant of what to bring at a later date.

Food will be provided throughout the day.

**Do NOT bring valuables** This includes cell phones, wallets, cash, etc. If you choose to bring items not on the approved list, disciplinary measures will be taken. (Wedding bands acceptable)

Our hope and prayer is that you will see how much people in jail/prison NEED the light of Christ and you will be willing to help. Perhaps going inside to preach/teach, mentor a returning citizen, helping at risk youth not get incarcerated or financially supporting a ministry that does these things. 

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